Ones and Zeros Episode One

Ones and Zeros Episode One

In This Episode of Ones And Zeros, We Talk About Hackathons.

This short transcript consists of points that we talked about in the podcast along with the links to the websites we referred to.

What did we cover in this episode?

1) Explaining what a "Hackathon" means.

2) Describing what happens in a hackathon.

3) Stating about the mindset that a person should carry while participating in a hackathon.

4) What are the prerequisites (Technical skills) to attend a hackathon?

5) Different types of hackathons

6) Benefits of a hackathon

7) Where can we find hackathons?

8) Some useful tips while attending hackathons.

Types of hackathons that we mentioned in the podcast

  • Domain-Specific Hackathon

  • Corporate Hackathon

  • Theme Based Hackathon

  • Problem Statement-Based Hackathon

Platforms where you can find hackathon :

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